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Do it yourself!

Have we sold you on the idea that aerial is a badass sport? If so you are in luck this website has swings and aerial equipment for your home ! Check it out ya’ll!

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Still aerial curious?

After viewing the amazing ember Ashe on Ashe files have you found yourself dying to know more about this intriguing sport? If so check this article at USA Today!


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Aerial with miss Ember Ashe!

While gathering questions about aerial dancing over thanksgiving break VAMPS decided there is no better expert to talk to you about the art of aerial than their very own founder, Ember Ashe! Check out the Ashe files on all things aerial! While you there be sure to join her YouTube channel! Happy holidays everyone!


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Aerial what?

When you first visit the site do you find yourself wondering … What is Vertical Aerial movement? Well VAMPS fitness is here to answer all your questions and concerns. This week will be dedicated to all things aerial dancing! So before we get started we wanted to hear from you! What do you want to know about aerial dancing ? Ask us here!


In the meantime check out this fun blog about all things aerial!

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Hello World!

Hi everyone! VAMPS stands for Vertical Aerial Movement and Pole Studio located in Austin,Tx! This blog will be dedicated to all things pole and aerial dancing ! VAMPSfitness will highlight up & coming performers, the basics to the very latest moves, and some tricks and techniques you can practice at home!
Be sure to check out our mission classes and instructor pages!

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