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Stripper Heels 101

Hello Beautiful Peeps,

So what do you think about when you see stripper heels?!?  They are kinda crazy looking huh!  Does the thought, “how the heck do you walk in those” run through your head.  If so, your not alone.

We are asked constantly at the studio why we reccomend stripper heels in a lot of our classes vs. your regular street shoes.  Well, there are a lot of reasons.  Kimberly from StripXpertease was kind enough to sit down with me during her visit to Austin and help me answer all these questions.  We also got to answer common problems that you might encounter once you get stripper heels and how to fix them! Check out our videos if you want to get educated on the amazing benefits of Stripper Heels and how to take care of them.  Like Kim says, “You wouldn’t wear cowboy boots to a ballet class,” so why would you bring anything else other than stripper heels to your exotic dance, lap dance, and art of stripping class? 😉

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